How important is power hitting in golf?

Today’s blog post is focused on power hitting and it’s importance in golf. With respects to the worldwide tours it is definitely becoming a talking point again thanks to Bryson but it does have groundings in amateur golf too.

Here is a simple chart of driving distances compared to handicap according to Shot Scope users – courtesy of Golf Monthly.

How does your distance compare to these numbers …. Are you a relatively long hitter struggling to score, right on the average distance or just not hitting it afr enough to improve?

As the weather is now getting warmer you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in your distance and the biggest advantage you’ll get from it will be having a shorter club into the green. Regardless of whether you are on the fairway or rough you are statistically more likely to shoot better scores from there.

Knowing this, the question I suppose is how do we increase distance without completely sacrificing your accuracy.

From my experience, most distance related issues come down to swing mechanics. Where is your club face pointing during the golf swing? How does this affect your impact and club shaft position? How does that then affect the way you move your body (because it does!)? Are you then able to physically move your body the way you need to?

The result of this little sequence is that golfers who struggle tend to be compensating just to hit the ball and can’t actually impart speed the way they would like. We all know someone who hits it softly to keep it in play because they are worried about losing too many balls!

At the top end of the game where swing motions are more functional then training programs can help but at club level it is really a case of getting the club to work properly first.

If you are not sure about how your swing works, this is the first place to start getting that drive distance up.

If you have any question or thoughts on this piece feel free to get in touch.


Lee Wilson; April 2021