SAM Putt Lab

This is the complete putting solution for gathering complete analysis of all relevant aspects of your putting. Using the system, we can highlight your weaknesses and outline your route to improvement. After all, on average 43% of all your shots are putts on the course!

Hudl Video Analysis

This slow motion recording system is my preferred choice in face to face lessons for seeing what is really going on in your golf swing. What we often feel is not what actually happens in most cases – ‘feel vs real’. See before and after clips from your lesson and receive your videos by email.

Flightscope Launch Monitor

At Horsham Golf we have a fantastic fully fitted 18-bay Flightscope driving range.

It gives clear feedback on your swing speed, club path, attack angle and many other parameters. It is a perfect, evidence-based way for displaying your swing improvements!

Golf Coach App & Golf Stats App

The GolfCoachApp is my preferred choice for online coaching and has a number of features, including instructions for you to take the perfect swing video, that will help us to improve your game.

The GolfStatsCoach links perfectly by creating stats and data on each round that you play. Invaluable for accurately monitoring your on-course fortunes!

Awesome Golf Simulator