Individual Coaching Testimonials

“As an avid golf enthusiast (play off 18) I’ve been having 1-2-1 lessons with Lee for 2-3 years now, especially when my game hits a bit of a brick wall, and needs some professional help!!

Lee’s teaching technique is very easy going, and rather than try and re-build ‘you’ he identifies very simple and subtle adjustments that allows you to overcome a problem, without having to go back to complete basics. Lee uses a golf language that beginners or people of my average ability can relate too, so that it doesn’t become overly complicated or lost in ‘Golf’ translation.     

My recent lesson was for putting, and by applying some simple techniques (mental & technical) my average putts per round has seriously improved, and this was just after one lesson.

I would highly recommend Lee’s coaching sessions to anyone from complete beginners or to those that like me who need that subtle adjustment every now and again!”

Joel Browne, 18 Hcp

Peter Selsby, 28 Hcap

“Lee has been helping me to improve my game through better technique. I like the way he diagnoses underlying problems and suggests ways to change; either on the range, in the studio, during playing lessons or simply practice routines. The result in 2018 has been my best golf with more distance and better accuracy off the tee, and with fewer wasted approach shots around the green”

Peter Selsby, 28 Hcap

“Lee has provided me with golf lessons for the past 2 years. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and innovative in his lessons. I come away motivated to put in to action what we have discussed and importantly for me and understanding of if it goes wrong on the golf course, why. I would certainly recommend Lee”

Bob Scott, 16 Hcp

“….I played on Saturday in a society and got 40 points playing off 14 and I won by 7 points! Lessons clearly working!”

Jack Gilivray, 17 Hcp