Why you should carry on playing golf this winter

As the golf season draws to a close, it’s time to focus on how you can improve for next year. To identify where the weaknesses in your game lie and implement a structure to improve them so that next year you can reach your goals.

Here are 4 great reasons to keep up your golf through this winter:

  1. CONSISTENCY – Your on-course consistency begins with off-course consistency. Regular lessons, practice and play will help your long-term improvement and reduce your scores. 
  2. TAKE STOCK & SET TARGETS – The winter is the best time to reflect on your golfing year. With few upcoming competitions there are no distractions.
  3. RAISE YOUR BAR – Not necessarily your top bar or best attributes but instead the bottom bar. What are your weaknesses and how much do we need to lift them to help your all-round game?
  4. STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION – Most golfers don’t play in the winter and most golfers don’t improve. There’s a link there!

By continuing your golf practice this winter, you’ll have a real advantage going into next year. We can set some realistic, achievable targets to strive towards and structure your practice to help you achieve the best results.

I have access to the undercover, floodlit, heated driving range at Horsham Golf. So no problem if it’s cold, raining or windy in the evening!

I use top of the range technology to get a clear understanding of what we need to work on. The Flightscope launch monitor offers great visuals of what is happening to your ball and club face at impact. I also own a HackMotion wrist sensor which is fantastic for identifying all wrist and forearm movements in the entire golf swing and isolating the faulty patterns.

If you’re interested in improving your game this winter, get in touch and we can create a bespoke plan to help you get the most from your game!

About Lee

I graduated from the Birmingham University with a 2:1 Ba (Hons) in the world leading Applied Golf Management Studies degree in 2009. The degree incorporated a whole range of areas involved in the golf industry from coach education and PGA Qualifications, sports science, research methods, event management, business & human resources to equipment technology and much more. It was abundantly clear though that coaching would be my chosen path and having the opportunity to help golfers who are struggling with the game has become my main focus.

I am a Plane Truth Certified coach, PDS Performance Coaching Qualified, Flightscope Launch monitor and HackMotion user. I have successfully completed a number of extra CPD courses in Sport Coaching, Psychology, Fundamental movement skills and Swing Biomechanics.

What clients say about Lee’s coaching

“I would highly recommend Lee’s coaching sessions to anyone from complete beginners or to those that like me who need that subtle adjustment every now and again!”

“I like the way he diagnoses underlying problems and suggests ways to change; either on the range, in the studio, during playing lessons or simply practice routines. The result in 2018 has been my best golf with more distance and better accuracy off the tee, and with fewer wasted approach shots around the green”

You WILL achieve greater understanding of your golf swing, drills and ideas tailored to your improvement and most importantly … results!

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