Junior Coaching Testimonials

“My son Josh and I were first introduced to Lee Wilson in 2013,  – Josh was just 5 and was keen to be the next Rory Mcilroy. Having never played before it was quite daunting, however, Lee quickly put Josh at ease through his well organised sessions for all abilities, ensuring that sessions covered all aspects of the game from Grip,stance, swing, club selection and including rules & etiquette. Josh quickly grew to fall in love with the game, gaining course time as well attending professionally managed group sessions. Lee was able to work with each child to map out their progression. Golf can be frustrating for any age/ability but Lee ensured that Josh remained focused and motivated as well as enjoying every session. – Josh is now 10 and went to win his first 9 hole tournament earlier this year. Thanks to Lee I am now a very proud dad of a future Green Jacket winner (hopefully!) “

Tom Cryer

“Having bought my 10Yr old Son his first set of golf clubs this year, I was determined to get him started early ‘In life’ with professional lessons, so as not too pick up on my bad habits and poor teaching skills.

On his first ‘academy’ lesson, my son was very nervous but Lee completely put him and the rest of the group at ease, with his easy going nature and ability to explain golf technique in a language that 10yr olds can clearly understand and implement.

The sessions are fun, varied and cover all aspects of the game from pitching to putting to hitting the ‘Big Dog’ and learning to 2-putt consistently.

I would totally recommend these sessions to anyone with kids who are showing an interest in Golf, especially if like me you hope to be sharing fairway’s and golf buggies in the near future.”

Joel Browne

“Lee has been teaching my boys golf for the last 8 years and they absolutely love their lessons. They now have a private lesson every few weeks and Lee varies the sessions and makes even the most tedious skills needed to be practiced into a fun ‘challenge’ . I highly recommend Lee to anyone who needs a confidence boost or a skills tweak as one session with Lee increased the distance my husband was able to get with his pitching wedge and irons by making such a slight change. A genuinely lovely man who is brilliant with children and understands and makes things fun and manageable for children with ASD without even realising he is doing it.”

Kirsty Miles

“Lee has been coaching my sons, age 10 & 8 for a few years now. It’s lovely to see how they’ve progressed. They thoroughly enjoy their lessons as lee keeps if fun and interesting for them. I would highly recommend lee.”

Sarah Abajo