Rory Returns To The Winning Circle: How Did He Do It And What Can We Learn?

I was absolutely delighted to see Rory get his first win for a couple of years over the weekend. Rory’s golf is talked about a lot – his strengths and his weaknesses – which I guess is a product of his success when he was younger and hopefully we get to see a second ‘spurt’ of wins and majors in his career. He’s certainly good enough!

Let’s take a look at some of his stats from the week just gone:

You can see here that all parts of his game were in really good shape across the tournament. He hit some wonderful pitches and bunker shots towards the end of the event but this was actually his most ‘average’ part of his game. His driving was good as always and his approach was fantastic but his putting was the highlight.

His putting is so often criticised but this was the key. In simple terms he hit the ball well enough to compete and putted well enough to win!

So what made his putting so good…..

Isn’t this just extraordinary. Not one putt inside of 6 feet missed! That is how you keep bogies off your card.

Here are some repeated tips to help you improve your putting:

1) Practice from 25 feet+
2) Practice from inside of 6 feet

If your long putting is better you will reduce the amount of 3 putts and from inside of 6 feet you have a better than 50% (ish) chance of making it.

Try this simple tip and see how you get on.


Lee Wilson; May 2021