How many birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles and others should I make per round?

I have quite a few very similar conversations each day about how to improve scoring and scoring potential. Yes, there is always a way to improve technically, around the greens and with course strategy but it’s often difficult to quantify those numbers.

Here is a fantastic image of how many birdies, pars, bogeys and others each handicap range makes per round on average:

You’ll notice that the difference between a scratch and 36 handicapper as far as birdies go is just over 2. For pars it is 9. For bogeys it is about 1.5. For double bogeys it is 3.8 and finally triple bogeys plus is 9 different. The general scale of all the handicap ranges is the same – better players tend to make way less triple bogeys plus and double bogeys and way more pars.

So here’s my advice: If you want to lower your scores the lowest hanging fruit is your big numbers. Find ways to avoid making silly mistakes that lead to doubles and triples. Make the chip out even though you think you could hit it through the trees to the green. Lag the 10 foot downhill putt for bogey instead of racing it 6 feet past. Play the safe line with the smallest lip from the bunker. Whatever method you choose allow yourself to avoid the terrible hole!

Lee Wilson

May 2022