Food for thought on your return to golf … What should you be thinking about?

And we are off!

If you managed to get a tee time today then; a) Well done, and b) I’d love to hear how you played!

Layoff’s can have both positive and negative effects on your performance. Sometimes they offer an opportunity to reset and refocus on your key swing and game pointers. On the other hand they can create a situation where you overthink. This is less ideal but happens very easily and if you have had a bit of a YouTube binge on swing tips and now are sampling 5 new swing thoughts it is highly unlikely that it will result in a positive outcome unfortunately.

In my reading over the last few months, I came across an anecdotal piece from a specialist golf biomechanist who found that only 2 out of 1000 of his clients (elite level up to Ryder Cup players) displayed ‘ideal’ movement patterns. This means that even at the pinnacle of the game they are clearly going to have to work on different things as they can’t all get into the same flexibility ranges. You may have heard Rory McIlroy say that he was dragged into following Bryson DeChambeau’s power trends recently and it has created some problems for him. Remember this when you next consider what things to listen to or ignore.

No two swings or bodies are the same and this is the most important thing to remember!

My advice: Take yourself back to a thought/ swing feel that really worked for you in the past and just focus on that for now. The way that the body moves and ‘remembers’ means that breaking old patterns is hard and I would suspect that most of us will be battling these old habits when we go and play in the next few weeks. This is where coaching helps!


Lee Wilson; April 2021