How did DJ win the Masters?

Monday Club: The Masters Round-Up – How did DJ win?!


I hope you are all well and keeping busy in lockdown.

I also hope you got to see some of the golf over the weekend at The Masters Tournament. I personally found it quite strange viewing with no ‘patrons’ watching but the aerial drone views of the entire course, which haven’t been seen before, were amazing. It was nice to see much more of the course with cameras further away from the greens at ground level too.

On the course, dare I say, the last few holes this time were fairly boring to watch because of how dominant Dustin Johnson’s performance was. He made it look so easy and just kept hitting quality shots one after the next giving no one a chance. In fact as far as excitement goes, I would say Tiger’s 10 on the 12th was the highlight (and then he followed it with a -5 in 6 hole run!). A hugely well deserved triumph for DJ!

How did he make it look that easy though? … Here are the key stats:

Greens in Regulation: 83.33% (60/72 greens)
Fairways Hit: 78.57% (44/56 fairways)
Driving Distance: 306.6 yards

I couldn’t access his putting stats but I imagine he probably wasn’t right near the top of that stat based on how unbelievably good the above stats are. To put it simply he hit it a long way, kept it in play and hit some quality iron shots. I don’t think he had a penalty shot all week and can’t remember seeing a double bogey either. A winning combination right there!

All the talk pre-tournament was about Bryson DeChambeau and his huge hitting and strategy but he just didn’t play well and therefore didn’t keep the ball in play enough or hit enough greens, unlike DJ. I do think, however, that it could have worked. He made enough birdies and eagles to compete but just made way too many bogies and higher.

Interestingly, listening to Sky Sports coverage and particularly a certain commentator you would think that Bryson’s strategy was never going to work, never has worked, will destroy the game and he’ll be injured forever. It’s all not true, and after all he won the US Open not so long ago with the same game plan. I’d love Sky Sports to get an experienced, highly qualified Golf PT or a stats based guru like Mark Broadie on their golf shows to talk through what he’s doing because it makes a lot more sense than you may think although it may not work all the time.

His biggest mistake this week in my opinion was drawing too much attention to himself by saying it’s a Par 67. Every player has there own personal target score but they just keep to themselves and no one in the media needs to know. Once you say that though they’ll never leave you alone and they didn’t for him this week.

I can’t wait to see what happens at next Masters in 5 months time. It will certainly lay a bit differently with harder, spring ground conditions!

Lee Wilson ; November 2020