How can we make winter golf more fun?

Hi all,

I hope you are well.

Now that the Autumn/ Winter is setting in, it’s very important to keep your game going for the next few months. For those that will be playing through I have a simple idea for making your golf more enjoyable.

Play off the correct tees 

Your golf ball will not travel as far in the air and definitely not roll as far on the ground. Let’s say you lost 30 yards per drive and 15 yards per iron shot. That makes a Par 4 play at least 45 yards longer.

Your golf club may introduce some winter mats or continue to play off the grass but. there is no point just playing from the same tees as you normally would just 10 yards forward of usual because the course will become extremely long, particularly for low carry hitters.

At Horsham Golf we have 5 different tees- Black, Blue, Green, Purple & Orange, all rated purely by yardage – not a ‘ladies’ tee or a ‘mens’ tee. It’s down to your ability and your hitting distance. Saying that, I still see most men play from the blues and most ladies play from the purples. Realistically, we all should be moving at least 1 tee forward during the winter and in the summer playing from the tee that suits your ability.

This is the progressive way of golf and it’s how it should be because I know a lot of lady golfers who hit the ball further than men, but ‘have’ to play from a forward tee position. I also know a lot of players who have lost distance for various reasons and may need a help in hand to score around the course better and should move forward. To fully enjoy the game these players should find an appropriate level of challenge.

So, to create an equal challenge for you from summer to winter golf why wouldn’t we move up a tee block or two and plan to hit the same clubs (albeit shorter shots) and still be able to put a nice score together?

Maybe on your next round you could try this. Instead of the blues, maybe try the greens or instead of purples try the orange tees (or the alternatives at your club)?

Lee Wilson, November 2021