What is the best golf ball for distance?

As the cooler weather and softer ground will be here for while now, it’s worth considering what golf balls you are using. Most people have a mixture of lost and found balls with some ‘hard’ balls, some ‘soft’ balls and some are in the middle somewhere. With carry distance being a very important aspect off the tee, especially when there is no run on the fairway, it’s certainly worth knowing which are the longest golf balls on the market today. Here are the top 5 in a recent test by MYGOLFSPY…
What’s interesting with the results is that 4 of the balls are deemed to be ‘premium’ golf balls (all but the Titleist Tour Speed). Premium golf balls are often associated with spinning more or having a softer feel around the green. Most golfers believe that a distance ball will travel further, something like a Pinnacle distance. This clearly isn’t true. It really comes down to the production quality of the ball, which unfortunately for your pocket means they probably cost more compared to a ‘distance’ alternative.

In years gone by the balata ball was the premium soft, spinning ball for pro’s but it didn’t fly, or last, all that long at all. Nowadays, they are able to create soft feeling, high spin balls that don’t split or crack easily and also perform better for distance.

What I’ve noticed over the last few years is that the mid range balls (Srixon soft feel/AD333, Callaway supersoft etc.) are getting better. Softer for around the green and a nice feel on your longer shots. So you don’t have to spend loads and loads on your golf balls but don’t assume that the cheaper, distance balls are going to send it miles because they won’t!

Lee Wilson, November 2021