Club Lofts: The Bryson Effect

This week I am shifting attention to equipment and in particular irons. Many moons ago I did a blog post on this and the changing pattern in club lofts. Well I found some information out this week that just blew my mind and had to share it.

Here are Bryson DeChambeau’s clubs and lofts next to the standard lofts for a set of Mizuno MP-20 irons ….

So let’s compare the “5 irons” – 19* vs 25*. So when the commentators on the PGA Tour golf say he has hit his 5 iron 250 yards, remember it is actually a 3 iron but for whatever reason it is called a 5 iron. You can draw the same conclusion from all his irons.

It begs the question of why do we even bother calling them a 7 iron or a 6 iron anymore if the lofts are so wildly different. Let’s say you have an iron fitting and you are comparing 2 different 7 irons from 2 different manufacturers and one is outperforming the other. You need to find out what the lofts are as this could be the difference not the club build etc.

After all, we do label wedges not with GW or SW anymore but with the loft printed on the bottom…

So why not have the same happen with our irons? … I think personally it would increase people’s awareness and skill level if they referred to their clubs with the specific loft rather than a generic (but different lofted) club number ….
So next time you hear of a 190 yard Par 3 being hit with a 9 iron, just remember that there is a bit of trickery in their and actually the club number is now essentially irrelevant.

What are your thoughts?

Lee Wilson; Feb 2022